SAP B1 Implementation and Consulting

Hitsoft blends itssectoral experience with the best business practices to produce unique and value-added solutions for companies. Within the scope of SAP Business One ERP application consultancy services, Hitsoft provides application consultancy services in compliance withSAP's global standards at the level to guide the business applications to the companies by using its experienced human resources power and knowledge. In this context, it enriches the application consultancy service by making use of ready-made applicationsand sectoral solutions.

With its emphasis on consultant certification and training, Hitsoft makes regular investments in this field, mainly in SAP Business One Project Management, SAP Business One Finance Management, SAP Business One Customer RelationshipManagement, SAP Business One Logistics Applications, SAP Business One Business Analytics, SAP Business One Mobile Applications and SAP Business One offers application consulting services in the areas of HANA.



Hitsoft, SAP Business One platform for industrysolutions developed as a Gold business partner in Turkey, fully in SAP development standards to meet the needs of our customers is to give proper sectoral orspecific software development services.

Hitsoft develops sectoral applications and solutions not only for its own customers but also for other SAP Business One ERP partners.

Unlike many other ERPs, SAP Business One ERP is a very flexible structure that can be customized on the .NET (VB / C #) development platform. In this way, we are able to quickly customize all of the customer requests and needs in the projects we realize.


As Hitsoft, we provide high-level consultancy services to our customers on the improvement and development of business processes we have acquired in different customers and in different sectors, on the condition that we are loyal to the confidentiality of corporate business processes of our customers, in the redesign and improvement of the organizational structure and information systems infrastructure.


Our SAP B1 Support Team; has a vast expertiseto respond to the demands of our customers instantlyas well as keepingyour platform up-to-date and to keep your solutions runningincludingpatch management and allocation of licenses to be held.

The Support Team is responsible of improving and discover your systemsuccessfully,SAP B1 upgradeswhile minimizing system costs and risks. So, they promoteinnovationandprotectyour investmentwhile reducingyour total cost of ownershipfor the continuity of your business processes.

During theoperational process,in addition to responding your unique requirements, Support Team providesfunctional and technical support with alternative and effective solutions to guaranteetheassistance.