Effective thinking, transformative approach
and innovative results


Artificial Intelligence


Machine Learning



Industry X.0

Industry X.0


Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality


Internet of Things

Hitsoft has strengthened its innovative and value-added approach with its R&D Center, which will enable to integrate current trends and future technologies into the business environment and processes. Following a comprehensive preparation and investment process for R&D, Hitsoft has taken the “On-site R&D Center” certificate and walks to the future with firm and fast steps.

Accelerating Factors in  Our R&D Process

Technology Development Speed


Designing and Productization


Renewed Economies


Future-oriented Qualified Workforce

As of 2018, we have decided to invest in the technologies of the future alongside SAP Business One and started our journey with the project developments in these new areas.

University collaborations, process development and improving staff resource quality

Government support

Growth and expansion in the field of R&D

Determining the scope of the training, new staff gains and quality, young and dynamic staff

Establishment of Hitsoft R&D Centerafterthisdevelopment and change process

Our first project in the field of Artificial Intelligence has already started!

We are developing our first project focusing on artificial intelligence in our in-situ R&D Center which gained momentum with the support of TEYDEB.

We continue our innovation and transformation at full speed.